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Roadshow to Surf
by Pam Baumgardner

Xocoyotzin Moraza and Wyatt Hull of Hy Brasil, Saturday, June 20, at Bombay's.

Xocoyotzin Moraza and Wyatt Hull of Hy Brasil, Saturday, June 20, at Bombay’s.

Before we get into what’s coming up, let’s cover what came down recently: Saturday, June 20, Margarita Villa had D. Henry Fenton who featured Dave Krusen on drums. Yes, the Dave Krusen who was Pearl Jam’s original drummer on their debut release TEN. The Bob Bishop Band played at Saloon BBQ with Jon Woodhead on guitar; Woodhead has toured with the likes of Maria Muldaur and Leon Russell in recent years, they’ll be back soon. And as expected, local talent have once again been collaborating on new material and the result is the highly anticipated Hy Brasil who made their Bombay debut to a packed house on the 20th. You will want to watch out for this band which includes Xoco and Jenkins from Rey Fresco, and Wyatt Hull on vocals. Haunting vocals, rhythmic grooves with music that builds and before you know it you’re captivated and can’t help but move with the band; yeah, these guys nailed it. I’m looking forward to when they release their EP to the masses.

A Celebration of Joni Mitchell featuring Kimberly Ford takes place Sunday, July 5, at the Ojai Art Center as a part of the Jamming at the Art Center Series. Ford is backed up by George Friedenthal, keys; Lee Rollag, guitar; Tom Buckner, saxophone; Tom Etchart, bass; and Charles Levin, drums.

Typically Squashed Grapes has shows scheduled Wednesday – Saturday, but on Sunday, June 28, they’ll have a special performance of Doug Webb featuring Danny Carey of TOOL; and while we’re on the subject of the Grape, Skip Spiro’s 10-piece jazz band will include the amazing Dave Tull on drums, Thursday, July 2. Tull has toured with Chuck Mangione, Maynard Ferguson and others.

I have to admit, I’m really looking forward to 8Stops7 performance on Thursday, July 2, for the Pierpont Inn Summer BBQ & Concert series. I asked Evan Sula-Goff (singer) if they’d be toning it down for this one and he said, “A rough estimate…we’re just a bit louder than Neil Diamond.” Gotta love Evan. He also added, “We’ll be playing two long sets. That pretty much forces us to look at our entire catalog and bring in some tunes you haven’t heard us play in a while.”

Two major events at hand are Roadshow Revival June 27 and June 28 with their Tribute to the Music of Johnny Cash at Mission Park Downtown, and then Surf Rodeo descends on Pierpont Beach for two days of surf, and music on July 11 and 12 with a wide variety of genres from the likes of Pato Banton, GrooveSession, Bob Log III, Brothers Fortune, Rainbow Girls, Honey Owl, Raging Arb and the Redheads along with a dozen or so more bands. Go to their official websites for tickets and more details at and

If you have any music related news or upcoming shows you want help publicizing? Send all information short or long to, and for updated music listings daily, go to .

Ventura Music Photos: March 2014

Photos of music in Ventura this month:

Red Cove – March 28, 2014

Peirano’s – March 28, 2014
Estrada and Friends

Squashed Grapes – March 28, 2014
The Jazz Punks
The Jazz Punks

Squashed Grapes – March 22, 2014
The Karl Hunter “Organ’ic” Quartet
(see full photo gallery)
Karl Hunter Quartet

Sandbox Coffeehouse – March 22, 2014
Hip Hop Vol. 3

Bombay Bar and Grill – March 17, 2014
Rey Fresco
Introducing Rey FrescoSee complete’s party photo gallery.

Bombay Bar and Grill – March 17, 2014
Those Lousy Drunken Uncles
w/ Those Lousy Drunken Uncles

See complete’s party photo gallery

Squashed Grapes – March 15, 2014
Trey O’Toole, Jacob Scesney, Andrew Hill, Franklin Murphy
Jacob, Trey, Andrew & Franklin

Amigo’s Surf Cantina – March 15, 2014
Joanie Collins Band with Doug Johnson, Elisabeth Blasingame and Tom Towle.
Joanie Collins Band

Downtown Ventura – March 15, 2014
St. Patrick’s Day Parade
Liam, Kat, Jonny, Pam & Maggie

The Tavern – March 14, 2014 – 2-Year Anniversary Party
The Rubberneck Lions
Rubberneck Lions

The Tavern – March 14, 2014 – 2-Year Anniversary Party
Xoco Moraza
Xoco Moraza

Bombay Bar and Grill – March 12, 2014
Guy Martin
Guy Martin

Green Art People – March 12, 2014
Technicolor Tone Factory
Technicolor Tone Factory

Bombay Bar and Grill – March 7, 2014
Shelby Figueroa
Shelby Figueroa

The Wine Rack – March 7, 2014
Jodi Farrell and Jim RankinJim Rankin and Jodi Farrell

Squashed Grapes – March 6, 2014
Fausto Cuevas Quintet with special guest LaNesha Latimer
Fausto Cuevas Quintet

W20 at The Watermark – March 6, 2014
Ventura Social Club with special guest Jimmy Calire

The Tavern – March 5, 2014
Mark Masson with pals from Shaky Feelin’ and special appearance from Jacob Scesney
Jacob Scesney & Mark Masson

Amigo’s Surf Cantina – March 5, 2014
Brian Nicolet
Brian Nicolet

Green Art People – March 5, 2014
The Rainbow Girls
The Rainbow Girls

Squashed Grapes – March 5, 2014
Daniel J. Ross Quartet

Bombay Bar and Grill – March 1, 2014
Crazy Rust (Tribute Band to Neil Young) with Neal CasalCrazy Rust with Neal Casal

Bombay Bar and Grill – March 1, 2014
The Calamity

Bombay Bar and Grill – March 1, 2014
Evan Sula-Goff
Evan Sula-Goff

W20 at the Watermark – March 1, 2014
Luis Oliart
Luis Oliart

Evan Sula-Goff – 8Stops7 – Speaks Out

On Wednesday, January 29, 2014, I spotted a post from Evan Sula-Goff of 8Stops7 on Facebook. He had shared a link entitled “It Seems Bands Don’t Make Money Off Touring Either” from    I read Evan’s comments which began with “This is exactly why we only toured one week last year.”   His post is important and it concerned me that so many people may have missed it, so with Evan’s permission I have copied and pasted (and yes added a photo or two) so it can be more easily located on the web.

billy-os_002From Evan Sula-Goff:

This is exactly why we only toured one week last year. The idea that touring is a vacation is so laughable. Touring can be fun in a very humans against the elements sort of way, but a 36 hour drive straight to the gig, trying to sleep sitting straight up on a shared bench seat, loading equipment up two flights of stairs is not anyone’s definition of leisure. That’s why it makes no sense that a week long tour can cost the same out-of-pocket as a family week at the Grand Canyon, a Mammoth Ski Trip, Disney World, or whatever else we classify as leisure–more often than not, it costs more. And if you’re like anything like me, it takes years to save up for one of those options. How do we tell our families and/or our over-worked selves that we spent our vacation fund on three shows in Nebraska (no offense to Nebraska, it’s a beautiful state). We do it because we believe in our music, and believe in our fans; because we desperately want to make good on our promise to bring our music to the people who have supported us across the nation, and the world, but we just simply can’t afford it. There is definitely something to be said about paying dues and what-not, but if the silver-est lining is $13-20 a day for each band member, how many bands/people do you know of that can sustain like that for longer than a few years. And don’t get me started on records. Yes, they are cheaper to make than they were 10 years ago, but a great sounding record still costs about 15,000 for recording, mixing, mastering, and Print. And yes, independently you can potentially get more money from each sale than you could ten years ago, but ten years ago, the top-selling records were selling 2 to 3 million records their first week, now they top the charts with an average of about 20-30,000. We spent 14-15,000 out-of-pocket to produce Fables, we have 3000 fans on FB and a mailing list of about the same, we completed a successful pledge-funding campaign, earning over $7,000 gross (netting about $4,000) and we still have yet to make back half of our investment. I guess that means that less than 1400 of our 6000+ active fans have heard the record–we all know that is not the case…

My cynical prediction: all the new recorded music, and all the tours coming through our towns will be made up of people born into money, backed by someone born into money, or someone resourceful and fortunate enough to have made a killing doing something else entirely, and inexplicably deciding to spend some of that money on trying to start a band  Not to say wealthy people can’t make great music, but that will be it…all Vampire Weekend (no offense, good band), no Boss, no Bob. Blue-collar heroes will be too busy focusing on endeavors that actually stand a chance of getting food on their, or their family’s table.

It’s one o’clock in the morning so, consider this my Jerry Maguire-esque mission statement:

– Clubs, start charging covers, and giving decent guarantees, or the only bands you will have willing to play are bands who will gladly play for nothing, because they are desperate and most likely not very good. People will stroll in to find you have booked the worst band on the planet and they will never show up again.
– Promoters…promote the club. Stop relying on booking bands who can bring all their friends, so they and all their friends can pay the venue for the privilege of a place to hang. Your place is not that cool, and eventually everyone will go back to their own living rooms, backyards, and garages for cheaper beer and less of a drive.
– Bands, stop playing for free*, you are ruining it for every one. Play the obligatory introduction gig, but after that never play there again until they offer at the very least a few free drinks and 1-300 bucks. Get it in writing and expect a boost in pay each time you are back until you have reached the union cap (on an aside, why the h don’t we have a gig union). If you are like us, and people have to take off work, drive an hour or two to gig on weekends, $100 doesn’t even break even. Bottom line: expect what you are worth, accept nothing less. *There will come a time when playing for free for publicity will be without a doubt worth it, for example, the club has a built-in crowd and you’re doing your first or second gig there, or the gig is ahuge outdoor festival with lots of potential merch customers, just don’t be sold across the board on the free publicity thing, most of the time, it’s truly bullshit.

8Stops7– Fans, so you’re not going to pay for anything you can get for free, I get it. Growing income gaps between the rich and the poor, dying/extinct middle class, lay-offs, insurance woes, I get it. All I ask is two things: 1) that you remember the money to even break even on a poor man’s art has to come from somewhere. If you want your favorite starving artist to continue producing recorded music, and continue touring there has to be a give and take. If you can’t afford merch, or just don’t want anything, and if you’ve already got the album for free and downloaded to every single device you own, if you don’t live in their neighborhood so can’t make it to a local show, send them $1 in an envelope with a note. If you can make it to a local show, and especially if you got in for free, you can assume they aren’t being paid fairly. Walk up and hand them a buck or two. Let them know you appreciate what they do. At this point a buck from each of our fans would go a long way. We could tour for a month and cover a ton of ground. 2) Don’t let the fact that music is free, cause you to treat it, even subconsciously, like it has no value. If you like something, “run” to your favorite “record store”, download that sh#$, and eat, sleep, and breathe it in for a week at least. Check their “interwebs”, like their page, etc. Don’t do yourself the disservice of saying, “Hey that’s pretty cool, I’ll eventually give it a listen when I get around to it.”

My less cynical prediction: if we all (clubs, promoters, bands, and fans) work together the music scene will resurface in a very sustainable way.

Wow, didn’t know I had all that in me. With great trepidation I have chosen not to proofread it again, and believe in good faith that my sincerest intentions, of rejuvenating a dying scene for the benefit of everyone, have come across.

Good Night.



Baker’s Dozen Movie Set – (Betting on Baker)

(5/4/16: This just in….movie title officially changed to THE BET)
(3/5/14: Just announced, movie title officially changed to Betting on Baker)

Monday, January 20, 2014

Chris Jay and Aaron Goldberg of Army of Freshmen have started filming for the screenplay they wrote called Baker’s Dozen.  The movie is being shot entirely in Ventura using some legendary wrestlers and calling on some of their best buds from local bands here in town. got out to check out the action and got a number of great photos while filming was taking place at Camino Real park.

We caught up with Evan Sula-Goff of 8Stops7 who had kids in tow.  He told us he was super excited that his left foot may have been included in one of the shots taken yesterday.  He just smiled that famous smile of his and said, “I’m just glad to be able to help Chris.”

Yes we are.

See Polly Hoganson MusicMuse interview with Chris Jay.