Ventura Rocks in Ventura Breeze – 10/16/13 – 10/29/13

This Town Has an Amazing Pool of Talent


Ventura’s music scene is alive, well, and thriving! We’re glad to get Shawn Jones back home as he just returned from his 16th trip to Ireland. This past tour included 17 shows in three weeks. The man is busy. One of his first stops was to pick up his brand spankin’ new Lowden guitar.  Shawn had approached George Lowden at NAMM earlier this year and struck up a conversation ending with an invite to visit the owner at his Factory the next time Shawn would be in Ireland. That turned out to be last May. After the factory tour, and over lunch, Lowden told Shawn he’d like to build him a guitar. When Shawn returned this past month he was surprised to receive not one, but two beautiful Lowden guitars made to his left-handed specs. The guitars are hand-crafted and made from 450-year-old California Redwood. Shawn beams as he declares, “They’re the most beautiful and the best sounding acoustic guitars I’ve ever played, I’m really blessed to have them.”

Watch for “Blues at the Beach” scheduled for Saturday, November 2nd, at Ventura State Beach.  The folks behind the concert are the Players Casino, Roadshow Revival (RSR) and Totally Local VC.  Ross Emery of RSR assured me the event will go on rain or shine, “Traditionally it’s our best weathered forecast of the year.” On the bill will be Elvin Bishop as the headliner with the Mannish Boys Revue, James Harmon Band, the 44’s as well as the best of Ventura County local acts including Guy Martin, Shawn Jones, and the R&B Bombers. Asked how tickets are selling, Ross said, “At a very steady pace! I would encourage fans to buy tickets ASAP!” More info at

8Stops7 has once again taken up residency Monday nights at Billy O’s for the month of October. The band gets to try out stuff they aren’t necessarily ready to show to a much larger crowd than you’ll typically get on a Monday night, but lead singer, Evan Sula-Goff explains, “It’s also a really accessible way for fans and friends of the group to come out and just hang out.”  Evan is also stoked to be able to pick out their openers. “It’s an awesome sort of community night; it’s got this real laid back sort of feel.”

And finally, congratulations to Adam Clark who nailed the Store Finals in the Guitar Center 2013/2014 Drum Off Competition. Clark is well known for his jazz ensembles, playing with Tommy Marsh and Bad Dog as well as tons of studio work. Tony Cicero of Tony Cicero Ventura Drum School was once again asked to be a judge this year and he told us, “. . . Clark exhibited experience and good jazz chops reminiscent of drummers Tony Williams and Max Roach.”  Best wishes to Adam as he now represents our area as he moves on to the Quarter Finals on Tuesday, October 22.

This town has an amazing pool of talent and it never ceases to amaze me how much Ventura Rocks!

Pam Baumgardner

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