Jeff Hershey and the Heartbeats calling it Quits

Official retirement press release – 06/28/14

Today is a highly emotional day, as I am officially announcing my retirement from Jeff Hershey and The Heartbeats. What originally started out as a personal experiment of mine with the release of the first 45 vinyl single in 2008 and the intention of only playing one show, turned into 2 U.S. tours, 3 European tours, 2 EPs, 2 singles, a sold out debut LP, and a lot of blood and sweat left on the stage. I am very proud of the accomplishments this band has made, and of the many fans around the world to whom we gave a reason to party and celebrate music in its purest form. My goals for this project materialized into something that has far exceeded my expectations. The kind of show we put on is nothing short of an athletic sport and very physically demanding. We probably could ride this thing out ’til we’re old and frail and have to be propped up on the stage, but that is something that holds no interest for me. I want to go out on top and present the show the way it is and was always meant to be. We will be performing our final show at the 2014 Music Under the Stars concert at the Olivas Adobe in Ventura on Saturday, August 9th at 7:00 pm. We welcome any and all who would like to attend this special farewell performance. I thank you all for the support and the great memories. This has truly been one hell of a chapter in my life and the lives of many others.

I love you all,
Jeff Hershey

I would like to personally thank the following people for directly making the entire JH+HB experience what it was:

My bandmates: Sam Bolle, Joe Baugh, Kyle O’Donnell, Tony Cicero, Rivkah Ross, Erik Carlson, Bonnie Buitrago, Johnny Marston, Ashley Jarmack, Ron Dziubla, Max McDonald, Eric Monteith, Brent Harding, Nathaniel Morgan, Robin Ryder, Owen Bucey, Ron Baldwin, Bruce Kimmell, and Mike Stinnett.
Co-Writer: Chris J.
U.S. Label and art direction: Donny Phillips and James Lockwood at Siren Records
U.S. Publicist: Nate Sirotta at Impulse PR
European Agency: Jair Hoogland at Sedate Bookings
European Label: Marco Traxell at Soundflat Records
Producer and engineer: Pete Curry, Ron Baldwin, Armand Tambouris

As a bonus, we have released the never before heard Rockabilly Covers EP as a free download on our Bandcamp page. This was our first recording ever done as a band. This EP features cover versions of the popular songs “Red Hot” (Robert Gordon), “I’m On Fire” (Bruce Springsteen), “Lonesome Town” (Ricky Nelson), and “When Will I be Loved” (The Everly Brothers). The band featured on this is Jeff Hershey (all vocals), Joe Baugh (guitar), Tony Cicero (drums), and Brent Harding (bass). Enjoy!

Ventura Rocks in the Ventura Breeze – 6/25 – 7/8

Discovery JamVentura Breeze logoVentura Music Scene
It’s Really Warming Up!
by Pam Baumgardner

We wrapped up Ventura Music Week Sunday, June 15, with a bang at Discovery Ventura. The talent on that stage blew everyone away! You knew the guitar work would be hot with Tommy Marsh kick starting the evening with Erik Lemaire joining in. Then a slight changing of the guard as Alastair Greene, Mark Masson and Guy Martin did a jam no one would soon forget. Over 100 bands, 40 venues, 10 days and 1 city. Can I get an “Amen”?

What a way to officially kick off summer with the WARPED Tour and a surprise last minute announcement that Linkin Park would be on the bill. The band got to try out new material as they gear up for their official tour kicking off in August. Here at home, we’re looking forward to all the local events that are lined up. First and foremost on our radar is Surf Rodeo taking place between the ocean and Pierpont Blvd along Seaward and on the sand. The street will have vendors and tons of food, the sand will have beer gardens, two stages of music and surf competitions going both days, July 12 and 13. The music lineup is massive, just some of the acts you can catch are Pato Banton, Suburban Legends, Raging Arb and the Redheads, SkaDaddyz, Shaky Feelin’, Jukebox Mutiny, Medicine Hat and a lot more. Get tickets and the lowdown at

Music Under the Stars held each year at the historic Olivas Adobe has a killer lineup as the producers mixed it up a bit. Some of the acts coming through include Queen Nation, Spencer the Gardener, Jeff Hershey and the Heartbeats, Rob Rio & the Revolvers, and more. Get the dates and ticket links at

The Ventura Fairground’s music lineup has piqued our interest with The Beach Boys, The Spinners, Deep Purple, Seether, Creedence Clearwater Revisted, and more scheduled during the running of the Fair. And yes, we did say, DEEP PURPLE. Shows are free with paid admission to the fair. Dates can be found at

And finally, Spencer Makenzie’s 5th annual End of Summer Block Party will be held August 23rd and 24th. Yeah, we know Summer just started, but you should know the dates so you don’t schedule your vacation over this weekend! Two days of live music includes acoustic sets from Owen Bucey, Evan Sula Goff, Zeke Berkely, Aaron Orbit, Bloody Mary Morning and more; and then the main stage will feature Rey Fresco, After the Smoke, Shaky Feelin’, Stoneflys, Ventura Social Club and more! And just so you know, their popular Thrown Down competition (cornhole/bean bag tournament) offers a $3,000 first prize.

Do you have any music related news or upcoming shows you want help publicizing? Send all information short or long to

Ventura Music Photos: June 2014

Amigos – June 29, 2014
Medicine Hat & Matt Armor
Medicine HatMatt Armor

Bombay Bar and Grill – June 28, 2014
Derek Jennings, Shane Alexander & Alicia Murphy

W20 – June 22, 2014
Shawn Jones
Shawn Jones

Ventura Fairgrounds, Vans Warped Tour – June 22, 2014
Linkin Park with Jeremy of the Devil Wears Prada
Linkin Park

Bombay Bar and Grill – June 21, 2014
Rey Fresco
Rey Fresco

Squashed Grapes – June 21, 2014
50/50 Band with Rachel Flowers (keyboards and flute), Tom Buckner (sax), Domenic Genova (bass) and Tina Raymond (drums)

50/50 Band

Bombay Bar and Grill – June 20, 2014

Bloody Mary Morning
Bloody Mary MorningBloody Mary Morning


Miscellaneous Shots

Discovery Ventura – June 15, 2014
Ventura Music Week Wrap Party
VMW Wrap Party

Winchesters Grill and Saloon – June 15, 2014
The Catterwailers
The Catterwailers

Saloon BBQ Co. – June 15, 2014
Ted Waterhouse
Ted Waterhouse

The Star Lounge – June 15, 2014
Robert Thomas Band
Robert Thomas Band

Ventura Harbor Carousel Stage – June 15, 2014

Bombay Bar and Grill – June 14, 2014
Mandex   Mandex

SolTree on back stage


Sans Souci, June 14, 2014
Iron Outlaws

The Hong Kong Inn – June 14, 2014
The New Vibe
The New Vibe

W20 at the Watermark, June 14, 2014
Drunken Monkeys
Drunken Monkeys

Discovery Ventura, June 14, 2014
Jonny Two Bags
Jonny Two BagsThe Americans
The Americans

Billy O’s – June 14, 2014
Whiskey Stone
Whiskey Stone

Winchesters Grill and Saloon, June 14, 2014
Camp Franco
Camp Franco

Squashed Grapes – June 14, 2014
Barrelhouse Wailers
Barrelhouse Wailers

Four Brix – June 14, 2014
Kelly’s Lot
Kelly's Lot

The Sandbox Coffeehouse – June 14, 2014
Mitchell Blake
Mitchell Blake

Amigos, June 13, 2014
Spencer the Gardener

Grapes & Hops – June 13, 2014
Otis Hayes III
Otis Hayes III

Yolies, June 13, 2014
Alastair Greene Band – CD Release Party
Alastair Greene

W20 at the Watermark, June 13, 2014
Mini Driver
Mini Driver

Saloon BBQ Co. – June 13, 2014
Mighty Cash Cats
Mighty Cash Cats

Peirano’s – June 13, 2014
Tony Ybarra and Friends
Tony Ybarra

Keynote Lounge – June 13, 2014

Squashed Grapes – June 13, 2014
Fausto Cuevas
Fausto Cuevas

Bombay Bar & Grill, June 12, 2014
Musicians Brew with Coso, Brian Nicolet, Joe Baugh, Adam Clark & Josh Myers
Musicians Brew

Amigos, June 12, 2014
Gypsy Blues Band with special guest BB Chung King
Gypsy Blues Band

Rookees, June 12, 2014
Rubberneck Lions

Golden China Restaurant, June 12, 2014
Carl Sonny Leyland Trio: Swing Night
Carl Sonny Leyland

Saloon BBQ Co., June 12, 2014
Mark Sellers
Mark Sellers

Pulse Drumming Drum Clinic at Squashed Grapes, June 12, 2014
Brad Dutz & Nick Mancini
Drum Clinic Q&A

Squashed Grapes, June 11, 2014
Karl Hunter’s Jazz Hates Johnny

Rufus Philpot, Karl Hunter, Aaron McLendon, Andy Langham & Hans Ottsen.

Rufus Philpot, Karl Hunter, Aaron McLendon, Andy Langham & Hans Ottsen.

Discovery Ventura, June 11, 2014
Dylan Schmidt and the Rhythm Souls
Dylan Schmidt

Green Art People – June 11, 2014
Shaky Feelin’

Milano’s Italian Restaurant – June 10, 2014
Bluegrass Jam (Every 2nd & 4th Tuesday of the month)

Historic Ventura City Hall, June 10, 2014
Visual Arts Event celebrating local photographers & videographers who capture our live music.  Special screening of “Drummer Wanted:  Dean Zimmer”
Dean and Stanley

Amigos, June 9, 2014
Joey Billingiere blues jam with special guest Tommy Marsh
Joey and Tommy

Century Theater 10 Downtown – June 9, 2014
20 Feet From Stardom Screening

Amigos – June 9, 2014
Karen Eden, Bill Macpherson & Doug Johnson
Karen Bill and DougKaren Eden

Bombay Bar and Grill – June 8, 2014
Ray Jaurique and the Uptown Brothers CD Release party


Amigos – June 8, 2014
Jen Staves and the Bluzfish
Jen Staves

The Sandbox Coffeehouse – June 8, 2014
The Space Band
The Space Band

Bombay Bar and Grill – June 7, 2014
Los Dudes

Bombay Bar and Grill – June 7, 2014
Deer Leg
Deer Leg

W Gallery – June 7, 2014
The Global Guitar Greats Tour:  Shawn Jones, Stephen Inglis, Thomas Leeb
Global Guitar Greats

Museum of Ventura County – June 7, 2014
SRO Benefit – Highway Starr
Highway Starr

Pulse Drumming – June 7, 2014
Bongo Workshop with Fausto Cuevas

Grapes and Hops – June 6, 2014
Jade Hendrix
Jade Hendrix

W20 at the Watermark – June 6, 2014
The Legalizers
The Legalizers

The Patio at Players Casino – June 6, 2014
Teresa Russell
Teresa Russell

Yolies – June 6, 2014
Babylon Social Club
Babylon Social Club

The Wine Rack – June 6, 2014
Warren Takashaki and Friends
Warren Takashaki

Poncho’s Mexican Restaurant – June 6, 2014
The Latin Touch
The Latin Touch805 Bar and Grilled Cheese – June 6, 2014
Unkle Monkey
Unkle Monkey

Gone West Cellars – June 6, 2014
Dave Blanchard
Dave Blanchard

Discovery Ventura – June 6, 2014
Alligator Dave, Dave Grizzle
“First official act performing during Ventura Music Week!”
Alligator Dave

Ventura Rocks in the Ventura Breeze – 6/11 – 6/24

Ventura Music Week

Ventura Breeze logoVentura Music Scene
Ventura Music Week
by Pam Baumgardner

Ventura Music Week (VMW) is in full swing. We’re into the fourth year and each year it just keeps getting better. What’s so interesting about this particular event is that it is put together by a committee of people who are committed to seeing Ventura’s music scene grow: Kat Merrick from Totally Local VC, Kevin Clerici and Meredith Hart from the DVO (Downtown Ventura Organization), Peter Brown and Lilly Rudolph from the City of Ventura, Sam Benner from Benner Communications, David Comden from the VC Reporter and myself from There’s no payroll. The venues all pay a small fee to become an “Official Participating Venue” and as such they are promoted via newspaper ads, posters, handouts, social media and on the official website at . What is so amazing is that venues know that the small fee to participate gets them some recognition, but more than that they are contributing to a bigger goal of letting everyone know what an awesome music scene we have here. If you’re reading this column, chances are you already know that. But we hope to reach even more people and inspire them to check out some of the most incredible live music available to them right here in Ventura.

Ventura Music Week kicked off the night before the official day on Thursday, June 5th, with a party at the Knights of Columbus in downtown Ventura. Rey Fresco, Raging Arb and the Redheads, the Dan Grimm Band, Mark Masson and friends and more played to a crowd that supports local music. Councilman Carl Morehouse attended to give Raging Arb an official Recognition from the City for their contributions through the years to our music scene. And the VMW committee also recognized the boys with our Ventura Music Week award of Excellence. Between JR Drury and Surf Rodeo, and Ross Emery bringing in over 10,000 visitors for Roadshow Revival: a Tribute to the Music of Johnny Cash, well these guys know how to contribute in a big way.

In attendance we had so many of the venue owners to help kick off the festivities from Peiranos, the Wine Rack, Keynote Lounge, Winchesters, Bombays, W20 at the Watermark, Amigos, Grapes and Hops, and more. Polly and Steve Hoganson (Zoeys fame), Owen Bucey (Army of Freshmen, The Calamity), Charles and Christine Law, Adam Clark, Jodi Farrell, Michelle Corbin, Guy Martin (who joined Raging Arb for a song or two), Gary Best, Bryan McCann (Instrumental Music/Sax), Kelly Zirbes (Kelly’s Lot), Doug Johnson, Chuck Vincent, Josh Myers, Darrin Yarbrough, Edwin C Dies and more, not to mention the dozens of artists playing with each band…and all the fans. What a night!

Over 100 bands, 40 venues, 10 days, 1 city!!! Yeah, this city Rocks! Ventura Music Week runs through Sunday, June 15.

Do you have any music related news or upcoming shows you want help publicizing? Send all information short or long to