Post Pandemic Party Time

It’s with a happy heart I’m seeing more and more venues getting back up to speed, but you should know this, they can only do so with the community’s support. Do what you can to support their efforts. has always been free for venues inside the City of Ventura, and for the first eight or so years, we only covered the City of Ventura, but a few years back we opened the listings to venues outside the city but still inside the county for a small fee of only $10 a week (one day or seven). But then the pandemic hit and all music came to a screeching halt, we waived that final month’s invoice and idling sat by waiting for live music’s return.

Well it’s back and not just outdoor acoustic sets, but indoor full bands, and again we want to help out. Back in 2009 when was initially launched, it was done so to help during another crisis when the economy took a dump. We wanted to inspire people to get out and support the venues offering what we love most, live music, and so we’re doing it again by waiving all fees to be posted on through Labor Day 2021. So from Rock & Roll Pizza in Simi Valley to the Ojai Underground in Ojai, from Anna’s Cider in Santa Paula to Crown & Anchor in Thousand Oaks…if they have live music, we’ll post it for free through Labor Day.

We’d appreciate it if you could help spread the word, or give us a head’s up of where the live music is happening around the county.

Love & Support
Pam Baumgardner

3 thoughts on “Post Pandemic Party Time

  1. Hey Pam, it’s Bob Bishop. Thanks for all your efforts to keep live music in our awareness. I will be back at Winchesters on Main St. on Sunday July 4 from 3-6PM and at Grapes & Hops on Saturday July 10 from 2-5PM. Joining me on lead guitar will be Jon Woodhead (formerly Leon Russell’s guitar player) and Jim Rolfe on guitar and bass. Big shout out to J.R. at Winchesters and Tammy White at Grapes & Hops for keeping the music going. Also if you happen to be at some of the Assisted Living facilities in town I am a regular performer for the senior community.

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