4th Anniversay

newVRWell, it’s been four years since we launched and we couldn’t be happier.  We want to thank you for your support and encouragement.When we launched we had a goal in mind and we’ve stated it on more than one occasion:  “Our Mission is to help stimulate the economy in our favorite city in the whole wide world by promoting venues who offer music and to the artists who live in and around Ventura as well as those who travel here to play.”

That still holds true today.  But there was more to this goal and it seemed too lofty to put down in words, but as it is coming true, we might as well come out in the open and express want we’re really trying to acheive.  We want Ventura to be a music community where artist thrive in an environment that supports them.  As a result, our artists are making a living, the venues are prospering, people are happy because they have music in their lives. It’s all a win-win scenario.  Ventura is on the cusp of being the next Austin, Texas.  This town has so much incredible talent that it’s a reality that is no longer so far fetched.

We’re here to help get the word out.  Not only do we update our official website twice weekly, but we update our website calendar and Facebook page daily.   EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!  We make it a point to get out several times a week and support our musicians and venues ourselves, we check in, we take pictures, in other words, we walk the talk.

People have come to depend on to determine how they’ll be spending their evening out on a date or out with friends. That’s awesome! And we love when people share our pages and recommend us to their friends.  Getting the word out about helps to support our goal, which we think is your goal too.

And of course people always want to know how do we make money.  We have “day” jobs.

Eve and myself have not made a dime off of to date.  We have NEVER asked for anything for free including concert tickets, or to get in to see an artist with a cover charge.  We have paid our way.  We go out and support our venues, we buy our dinners, we take our own pictures, we pay our own way and we are not indebted to anyone.But there is going to be a way to help support our efforts in the very near future.  We are going to start providing some banner ads on our website, and we are going to start selling t-shirts and other items.

But know this, we will never ever charge the venues or artists for what we already do.  If a venue wants to buy a banner ad to go above and beyond what we already offer, that’s great! But we will always provide the service we’ve been doing for them as long as we can keep this going. is not a non-profit.  To date, it’s been nothing but a goodwill effort to help.  Seeing the music scene gradually change has been the greatest compensation.  But more needs to be done.

So what is needed and wanted? We need people to fill up the venues. To drop a buck or two. Make it worth our while! We’re starting to see this town come to life and people out enjoying some of our most incredible assets, our musicians.

And like I said before, we’re going to start offering banner ads (hair salons, tire shops, taxi cab services, venues outside of Ventura) and selling shirts and other items.  If you like to support our efforts, we will welcome your help.

We love this town, we love our musicians and artists, we love our venues, and we love that we’re making this happen.

VENTURA really does ROCK!!!

Love you guys!