Benefit Concert Scheduled for Polly

The music community is coming together to help a woman who has been the heart and soul of the Ventura music scene for many years, Polly Hoganson.  Polly and her husband Steve were pivotal in helping so many artists launch their careers, giving them a safe place to play as well as bringing national acts to our town. Now Polly needs our help.  There will be a benefit concert on November 24 at Bombay Bar and Grill, 143 S California St, Ventura, from 3:00 pm to midnight. The benefit will help with medical expenses and recovery for a much needed operation.

At press time these are the artists schedule to perform:  The White Buffalo, Timmy Curran, Meiko, Shane Alexander, Todd Hannigan, Lee Koch, Guy Martin, Tommy Marsh, 50 Sticks of Dynamite, Ray Jaurique & the Uptown Boys, Kyle Hunt, Jade Hendrix, Justine Bennett, Jamie Drake, Shelby Figueroa, Pi Jacobs, Nathan McEuen, Xoc Moraza and Roger Keiaho and more!  (Added note 11/20: The more includes:  Calico the Band, Max Kasch Trio, Chelsea Williams and Salty Suites, Seth Petersen)

This will be a full night of amazing music for someone who has helped launch and nurture the careers of so many musicians. Tickets will be available at the door $15 from 3-6pm; after 6pm $20. Also scheduled is a raffle/silent auction.

Click here to Purchase tickets in advance.  Or Click Here to make a Donation.

Thank you for your help.

(Added note 11/20: contributions from Guitar Center, The Watermark, Amigos, Saltzers, Betty B, Blenders in the Grass, Channel Island Packers, Four Brix Winery, Got Rhythm Dance, Pulse Drumming, Rubicon, Squashed Grapes, Totally Local VC Dinner series, Trufflehound, Ventura Wine Walk, Winchesters, Yoga Jones, Garman’s, Architexture, The Armory, Sweet Pea Floral, BluesAholics, Pin Ups, DW Drums, Pete’s Breakfast house, Guitar Tech Corner, JD Wolf Photography, Willing Guitars,, Robin Lee, Mary Osborne Surf Camp, Edwin C Dies, Suzanne Blanco Massage, Kim Pickering Print, Brendan B. Willing art, Delaney Gibson art, Guy Martin DVD & shirts, Kat Wasden, Shawn Jones music, Pi Jacobs music, Print from Amanda Peacock, Where2Print posters, Jodi Farrel voice lesson, Chrstine Marie intro violin…. and more coming in!!!)
Heart & Soul