Ventura Rocks in the Ventura Breeze 7/17 – 7/30

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by Pam Baumgardner

The Ventura Music Festival’s annual free concert will be held once again at Mission Park with Incendio (high octane Latin guitar) on Thursday, July 18, show starts at 5:30 pm. The festival’s final performances will be held at the Ventura College Performing Arts Center with Joey Alexander Trio on July 19; Ranky Tanky on July 20 and Rastrelli Cello quartet on July 21.

The Ventura Fair opens August 2; this is just a reminder, if you want to take in more than 4 concerts (which are included in the price of admission), you should consider getting a WOW pass before the fair opens which gets you entry everyday saving you beaucoup bucks. See full lineup and ticket information at

Just a head’s up, Spencer Makenzie’s Annual End of Summer Block Party falls over the weekend of August 23 – 25. Don’t miss their free concert which will fall on Saturday with Johnny and the Love Handles, Dave Rae and Mandex.

I am loving all the local punk bands supporting T.S.O.L. at the Ventura Theater on Friday, July 26; just a few of the bands include Stalag 13, Ill Repute, The Grim, and The Robot Uprising.

Tequila and Taco Music Festival returns to town over the weekend of July 20 and 21 at Plaza Park with Bruno and the Hooligans, a tribute to Bruno Mars, along with Instone, Sambada, Adelaide and Upstream. Find out more at

Music Under the Stars series continues on Saturday nights at Olivas Adobe with Sound Effect (sold out) on July 20 and Rodeo Drive on July 27. Know this, all final shows for the rest of the summer are sold out.

Quick Notes: Munch at the Museum this month features Sandi Ellen Anderson on Thursday, July 18 (11:30 am – 1:30 pm); Pyrate Punx has a show at Hong Kong Inn with False Confession, 3 Day Holocaust, Civil Conflict and Trash on Thursday, July 18; Alpine Camp Band plays Leashless Brewing’s Vtown Get Down Festival on Saturday, July 20; Bad Religion sold out for their show at Ventura Theater on Friday, July 19; Ventura’s Psychedelic Summer debuts at Oak and Main on Friday, July 19 (dress up!); Jen Staves returns to Ventura with her Bluzfish Trio on Sunday, July 21 at Plan B Wine Cellers; Actor Jeff Bridges performs his music at Discovery on Wednesday, July 24; The Garage welcomes Tanglers out of Vancouver on Friday, July 26; And the Caverns return to town with a show at Saloon on Friday, July 26.

Many thanks to JD Drury and his crew for pulling off another amazing Surf Rodeo. Of course, I miss them at Pierpont Beach where I could park at home and walk over, but I’m loving the vibe at the Pier.

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Nardfest 2014

Celebrating 36 years of punk rock music in Ventura County

Nardfest is returning to the Ventura Theater on Saturday, August 16, 2014, for the second summer in a row.  Tickets available at and at Salzer’s Records in Ventura.

Here’s the lowdown on the schedule and bands:

3:00pm – Doors
3:30pm – Big Bob’s Wedding. Live on stage!
4:15pm – Boxheads (Tribute to RKL and Rat Pack)
5:00pm – The Last Priority
5:45pm – Circle One
6:30pm – Burning Dog
7:15pm – Agression
8:00pm – False Confession
8:45pm – Stalag 13
9:40pm – In Control
10:35pm – Ill Repute (What Happens Next 30th Anniversary)

The Bands


Hometown favorites Ill Repute are slated to headline this year’s Nardfest. An American hardcore punk band from Oxnard, California, formed in 1981, they are noted for popularizing the “Nardcore” sound in the mid-1980s hardcore punk scene. With countless great albums released on Mystic and Dr. Strange Records, as well as their breakout single “Clean Cut American Kid” featured on Rodney on the Roq III, IR has become widely known as the ambassadors of Nardcore.
They are still performing today with three original founding members, Jim Callahan, John Phaneuf and Tony Cortez. Their drummer Chuck Shultz has been with them for over nine years.
On this special occasion, the band will be performing
 their classic 1984 full length album What Happens Next in its entirety to commemorate the 30th anniversary. This is a must see!


Reuniting exclusively for Nardfest, In Control took the scene by storm in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Taking their name from the iconic Stalag 13 record of the same name, IC carried the torch as the number one hardcore band to come out of the Nardcore scene, ushering in a new era. Gaining the attention of Indecision Records, the band went on to release a slew of 7” EPs, and more importantly their two juggernaut LPs The Truth Hurts, and Another Year. Multiple national tours and a grinding recording schedule brought the band to a halt in 2004. The band had said everything they wanted to say and it was time to hang it up. Many fans have been waiting for a proper IC reunion. Very pleased to say that day is upon us!


Stalag 13 is a punk-hardcore straight edge band formed in 1980 in Oxnard, California. In 1983, the band recorded their first demo entitled simply Stalag 13, followed by the next year’s In Control on the label Upstart Records (later reissued by Dr. Strange Records). The group performed various concerts with Circle Jerks, Vandals, and Social Distortion to name a few. Gaining national and even world wide recognition, they have always been revered as one of the big 4 (Ill Repute, Stalag 13, Agression, and Dr. Know) to come out of Ventura County. Following the departure of original singer Ron Baird, new vocalist and scene legend John Crerar (The Missing 23rd, Stop Breathing, T.F.W.) is now fronting the band and has added a whole new spark to the Stalag legacy.


False Confession was a hardcore punk band in the early 1980s that emerged in the Oxnard, California area. They were among the founders of the “Nardcore” punk movement. Scotty Morris, the second bassist, played on the 1984 Mystic EP. He went on to form the swing band Big Bad Voodoo Daddy many years later to great success. Harry, the drummer, later joined Stalag 13 and played on the album In Control. He joined The Cramps as Harry Drumdini in 1994, and recorded several albums with them. Fred, the guitarist, later joined Dr. Know in the mid 80s and played on their first album Plug In Jesus. Israel, Harry, and Fred from the original lineup are currently joined by Ismael Hernandez, formerly from Dr. Know, who is now the lead bassist. They released a 12” LP of their 1983 demo titledOut of the Basement on Queer Pills Records in 2013.


Agression was an American punk band from Silver Strand Beach. One of the founding bands of the Nardcore scene and an early proponent of the skate punk genre, the band fused skate culture with the punk scene in a song about skateboarding (“Intense Energy”) and a Glen E. Friedman photo of Arthur Lake skating a pool on their first and most popular album, Don’t Be Mistaken. Following the deaths of vocalist Mark Hickey and guitarist Henry Knowles, the band had little left to give. Years later many fans still appreciate the music of Agression so much that there has been a resurgence within the band featuring original member Big Bob Clark, and long time drummer Mark Aber Rooney. To top it all off, Big Bob will be getting married on stage in a special ceremony performed by none other than Ill Repute lead vocalist John Phaneuf at this year’s Nardfest!


Burning Dog was a punk band from Oxnard, CA. The band’s roots stem back to 1988 when Dave Bush (bass) asked Joe Rivas (guitar/vocals) to play in his then band, Dignity, after the tragic loss of their singer, John Lowry. That band became Burning Dog with the addition of Jon Winsted (guitar/vocals) and Morie Galeai (drums).  In 1995, the band recorded and released a 7” EP on Edge Records calledPsycho Babble Ology followed a year later by a full length, Last Days.  In 2000, the band released a full length record themselves, OK…But This Time with Feeling.  After the “end” of Burning Dog as a band, each member has kept busy playing music. Dave plays bass in a band called Endless Monster (with Karl Alvarez of the Descendents). Jon enlisted other local musicians and formed Tornado Bait. Joe played guitar in 7DayWar and even spent a few years in Ill Repute, and currently plays in Out of Trust. Morie is one of the lead singers in the local Reggae sensation, Dirty Rice, and also plays bass in Out of Trust. On occasion over the last 14 years, Burning Dog has made special appearance reunions when called upon, usually to benefit a friend in need. Burning Dog is excited about the Nardfest show, with Dave flying out from Colorado and Jon driving down from San Luis Obispo (where he is an acclaimed tattoo artist), joining Joe and Morie one “last time”.


John (“Big John”) Macias of the legendary hardcore band, Circle One, gave his life for punk rock and “The Scene”.  Not only did he give his life, but along with the original line-up of Michael Ituarte, Mike Vallejo, and Bill Ituarte, created some of the baddest and most kickass hardcore music.  They lived the lifestyle and fought the social and political wars that embodied the nation during the Reagan Era. Circle One was very instrumental in getting Ill Repute started as a band. They have had Nardcore ties since the early 80s, performing many legendary shows in the area.
Guitarist, songwriter, and original founding member, Mike Vallejo, has kept the band going with its various line-up changes throughout the band’s 30 years of hardcore punk rock history. He is now recapturing the same force and passionate train-wreck of its beginning stages.
The new line-up marks the return of original songwriter and founding member Michael Ituarte on bass, joined by drummer Nick Manning (Vice Squads), and Jeremy Eagle Perryman on vocals (STD’s), bridging the new by reclaiming old school standards that still feel like a “punch to the face”!


Formed in 1999, The Last Priority brought a new youthful energy to the Nardcore scene.
They were featured on numerous compilation CDs, had three releases on Smash Em Out (The Last Priority EP, Just Us 7″, and the TLP/Cluster Fux 7″ split) as well as their last record,Amerika’s Hijacked, released on Burning Tree Records. The band will be reuniting exclusively for Nardfest, giving their fans reason to celebrate, especially given their previously being banned from the Ventura Theater following the infamous riot in 2002.

BOXHEADS (Tribute to RKL and Rat Pack)

The Boxheads are from Santa Barbara, CA, consisting of ex-members of RKL, Rat Pack, Buck Wild, and Versus The World.  Originally formed in 1983, the band did well playing a lot locally, the members always remaining friends even when they split off into different projects through the years.  The Boxheads were on the back burner for a while, but in 2012 the band reformed with its best lineup ever. This year they will be performing a special set comprised of favorites from RKL and Rat Pack. With the deaths of Jason Sears (RKL vocalist) and Matt Rat (Rat Pack vocalist), this will be a fitting tribute to them, as well as a special treat for the fans.


Clean Cut American Kids: The Story of Ill Repute is True Underground Network’s first biography in the Punk Rock Chronicles series. The Punk Rock Chronicles aims to highlight various punk rock icons, including the legendary band, Ill Repute. Each biography will be packaged with a DVD documentary to complement the story. True Underground Network has joined forces with Canadian Bacon Films and Firehook Entertainment to create a visually appealing and truly engaging book and documentary.  The book and DVD combo will be released at Nardfest on August 16, 2014. For more information, please visit