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We are currently ONLY listing music related gigs for free in Ventura (city of)

We do list artists/musicians/bands who do not reside here, but they DO have to play here.

If it is a special event such as a Festival or fundraiser, send artwork too along with links.

Send information to:

We do not charge venues or artists for our listings in Ventura.

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NEW:  The Pam Baumgardner Music Hour (2017)

I now host a local music show on CAPS Media’s new radio station KPPQ-LP at 104.1 FM.  It simulcasts on the internet so we are worldwide.  We have to abide by strong rules such as never announcing song titles before we play them; only being able to rebroadcast the same show three times a week and only for two weeks; AND I’m not allowed to say on the air. I can not get any benefit from what I do so I can’t promote my website. The first few rules are to protect the artists so people can’t steal music and try to record a song they want.  The last rule is a general Non-profit radio rule.

By the way, if you are covering someone else’s music, you should have permission to do so.  I will be asking.  For that reason, most music will be original work…which is really the point of doing this anyway, right?  Sharing local artist’s talent.

I can live with those rules, I’m sure you can too.  If you’d like to be a part of this venture and would like to submit your music for possibility of getting played, then send a copy to CAPS Media 65 Day Road, Ventura, CA 93003, Attn:  Pam’s Radio Show.

If you want me to have my own personal copy for possible review on the website, then you have to send a separate copy (remember, I can’t get benefit for hosting show) to me.  Please send me an email for information on how to do that

Please DO NOT try to get me to go to Reverbnation or i-Tunes or Spotify or….

I play artists who live here in Ventura, live nearby, as well as most of Southern California.  I also play artists who have come here to play and maybe a song or two of something I just find interesting. Tune in won’t you?

Right now my show airs Tuesdays 5-6 pm at 104.1 FM, KPPQ-LP Ventura with rebroadcasts on Friday at 5 and Sunday at noon.


We chose to migrate to a “Business” page as oppose to continue as a “Friend” page for a couple reasons.
#1 It’s against the rules to be a business as a “Friend” page.  We knew our days could be numbered and we could get taken down, so we bit the bullet and converted our “Friends” to “Likes”.
#2 The cap on “Friends” is 5,000.  There is no cap on “Likes.”  We had been keeping Friends at 4,999 so people could request to be friends (otherwise you’d get a notice saying we no longer accept friends).  When people shut down their page, un-friended us, we un-friended them, or they got blacked-balled, we would add people who were in the queue.  We had dozens in the queue at any given time.  They’re all Likes now.

Unfortunately, Facebook only shows our posts for a very small minority of people who have Liked us. To increase your chances of having us show up in your news feed, hunt us down, make sure you had Liked us, then continue to click on posts, Like them and comment on them.

This is our new page:

Rules for Facebook:

Please do not list your gig on a comment for someone else’s gig.  For instance, let’s say we shared an event for the Jazz Punks at Squashed Grapes.  We will remove comments that talk about another gig at the Watermark.  It’s just bad manners. I delete disparaging remarks.  Again, bad manners.

We no longer allow people to post to our timelines.  You can either private message me with the information send it to  But better yet…create an event and invite us.

Every day I check and share invites for music-related events on our timeline.  This is the best way to get your gig shared by us on Facebook.  I also check these weekly for our official website.

While we’re on the subject of invites, be sure to add artwork!  I promise, it will get noticed more by viewers, than those which don’t do anything. And be sure to make your invite Public!  If you don’t, I won’t be able to share it.

This is not a community soundboard. We don’t post drummer needed, or we’re looking to hire a manager, etc…

If you have an editorial or some other content that we find interesting on your timeline, we sometimes ask if we can add it to our website.  We always ask for permission.  If you find we missed something, music-event-wise, PLEASE bring it to our attention!

We don’t blackball events or artists.

We do try to spread the love, so sometimes we don’t check in at venues because we recently did so. It’s not an exact science.

It would be really really helpful if you checked here before sending info for your gig.  We may already know about it:

Music Reviews:
If you have a CD you would like to submit for review, send me an email to  Honestly, don’t expect us to pay for it.  We already go above and beyond the call of duty helping the music scene.  Also, we do not promise to do a review of your material.  If we don’t, that does not mean we did not like it.

So in closing, help us help you.  We want to boom Ventura’s music scene!!!