3 thoughts on “Ventura Rocks on CAPS Media – Shaky Feelin’

  1. Great interview and excellent choice of music. I will definitely check them out especially since their local.
    Liked the tee shirt the keyboard guy was wearing are they available to the rest of us music lovers? Where can I purchase one and one of their CD’s?

  2. Mark’s exposure to music goes way back–back to the womb in fact! The stereo was always turned on. We listened to classical, country, rock, and of course, The Beatles who remain in a category all their own! It was important to me that he learn to appreciate how necessary it was to the soul. It makes me very proud that today, he can’t live without it in his own life.

    Shaky Feelin’ keeps evolving and growing and their music keeps getting better. An evening with Shaky Feelin’ leaves you with a feeling that you’ve experienced something very magical. When it’s over, everyone is happier and conversing with one another and new friends are made. When a band has that effect on people, it’s a pretty awesome thing.

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