Ventura Music Scene 4/17/24 – 4/30/24

Ventura Music Scene
by Pam Baumgardner

Most people know by now that the Skull and Roses 2024 festival has been cancelled. The letter that went out to ticket buyers tried to explain the promoter’s sad circumstances and I was feeling for the guy until I got to the bottom of the letter and read (and I quote), “REFUNDS: While tickets and hotels were sold on a non-refundable basis, we sincerely wish that funds were available to refund all purchases. Unfortunately, this is simply not the case at this time.” The promoter plans to post updates as more information becomes available. I’m hearing from a lot of ticket buyers that they have already received notice that their tickets will be refunded via the ticket outlet. But what about all the deposits for hotels and airfares people invested in to be there? How about the vendors (some of which never got fully paid for last year)? I’m probably the biggest non-deadhead around, but I love the deadheads who attend these events and my heart goes out to them, and all the vendors who trusted the promoter. Let’s hope he keeps his word and does what is necessary to make good on all his debts, no matter how long it takes and can we please try to keep bankruptcy out of the equation.

Meanwhile, no need to go cold turkey on Grateful Dead covers as several of the bands have already secured shows around town. You’ll want to check out The Six who hosts the Deal on Thursday, April 18; the Crowne Plaza’s outdoor bar will host The Peoples Dead and Hyryder on Friday, April 19, Winchesters has Cats on the Bandstand Friday, April 19; and Tony’s Pizzeria has The Alligators, Shaky Feelin’ and Hyryder on Saturday, April 20. (post Breeze deadline) The Ventura Theater on Sunday will have Saviors, Spirits and Wingman, Garcia Grisman Revisited, Reed Mathis, The Alligators, No Simple Highway and more. I’ll add to the calendar as I hear about more of these last-minute gigs.

Though the guys don’t look a day over 25, Army of Freshmen will play the Ventura Music Hall for their 25th Anniversary Show. Opening will be Nerf Herder on Saturday, September 14.

DW’s Café has been trying out live music; still to come this month the Urban Soul Band, Vanise Terry Trio, and Bossman Music. DW’s is located at 2855 Johnson Drive, Ventura.

Quick Notes: Bacon Brothers just added to Libbey Bowl schedule for Sunday, June 30; The White House will host a special dinner music event with The Kings of Queen on Wednesday, April 17; Tommy Quale’s Petty “Round the Campfire” at Namba on Saturday, April 20; Psychedelic Summer plays the Crowne Plaza’s Aqua Beachfront Bar on Sunday, April 21; Salzer’s Records will have an in-store acoustic performance by Def Leppard’s Phil Collen on Sunday, April 21; and The Robot Uprising’s final show will be on Saturday, April 27, at Vaquero y Mar playing with All-a-Blur and 5th Street Saints.

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