Eve Mimiaga’s Departure

Pam and Eve

My business partner Eve Mimiaga gave me her notice that she could no longer work on VenturaRocks.com.  It broke my heart, but I completely understand.  She gave me to the end of November.

When I approached Eve, over five years ago about this venture, she didn’t think twice about jumping in.  She was 100% on board about our Mission Statement:

Our Mission is to help stimulate the economy in our favorite city in the whole wide world by promoting venues who offer music and to promote the artists who live in and around Ventura as well as those who travel here to play.
We want to inspire people to get out and support Ventura’s music scene.
We promise never to charge the venues or the artist to be listed on VenturaRocks.com.

That’s a pretty cool endeavor.

We’ve had a blast working together going out supporting shows and becoming friends with so many venue owners and artists.

But there is a cost, monetarily, physically and mentally.  We have not made a dime off of VenturaRocks.com to date.  We’ve sold a lot of t-shirts, but those sales have not covered the cost of producing them yet.  So, no, we have nothing to show, but the fruits of our labor, a more vibrant music scene. We have paid for everything out of our own pockets, which neither of us is complaining about, we’ve been happy to do it.  But the strain of every single week compiling information from venues and bands has taken its toll on Eve.

She has had to continue to badger certain venues for their music listings, sometimes driving there to speak to some new employee who could care less about the music and who has never heard of VenturaRocks.com.   Your first response might be, “Screw them!  Don’t list them.” But we want to be the source for people who want to hear music.  So we have to cover everyone, whether the venues care or not.  I feel her frustration.  And I’m going to know it more intimately as she hands over all her notes and contacts so I can take it over.  But more than anything, Eve would like to be able to relax and not deal with the strain of a deadline twice a week.  She has earned a stress-free life.

I love Eve dearly and we will continue to be best of Friends and we will continue to hang out and support shows.  Our families will continue to spend holidays together and I plan on growing old together, so don’t worry about our friendship.  It’s rock solid.

This blog post is about validation for Eve.  Her selfless contribution to Ventura’s music scene is appreciated.  Ventura Rocks even more because of her.

17 thoughts on “Eve Mimiaga’s Departure

  1. I love both you Amazing women who have truly done more than you know for Venturas Local music, plus you are both just very cool women out doing fun stuff~!~ go relax Eve, I miss cocktails with you

    • True Todd. Luckily for us, we did not go in thinking we were going to make money off of VenturaRocks.com. It was purely a goodwill effort to help our music scene here in Ventura. We both have jobs that pay us, so this is just a labor of love.

  2. Speaking for myself (and probably for many others), I feel a huge debt of gratitude. Pam & Eve have always done WAY more than “talk the talk”. They list the shows, they promote the shows, they’re AT the shows and always represent themselves and VenturaRocks with elegance and joy. I’m sure Eve will not miss being badgered by my emails about changed dates & times, etc., but I will miss sending them to her. Eve, I wish you all the best and thank you for your tireless efforts. Pam, you never cease to amaze!

    • I know it was an extremely hard decision to make for Eve. And I know she will miss being “badgered” by you!
      It’s not like she is going away either, she’ll still be out supporting the shows. But good news, you get to badger me now! Love you Steve!!

  3. So sorry to hear she is leaving but completely understand the strain of tracking down and badgering venues for info…. You both love the music scene and have been such a wonderful part of helping to support and grow it. From myself and Totally Local VC I would like to say a huge Thank You Eve for all your tireless efforts and support of Local music. Pam I am sure you will continue to Rock it!

  4. Thank you Eve for all your hard work and dedication to others enjoyment. You have rocked it! You have done a great job helping our community of music lovers come together! We appreciate you. Enjoy!

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