Brothers Gow

Brothers GowOriginally out of Flagstaff, AZ, Brothers Gow are currently bassed out of San Diego and will be making their third appearance in Ventura.  With an eclectic fusion of rock, funk, jazz and reggae, the band’s contagious energy is sure to win over more fans with their next gig Brothers Gow Reflectionsin Ventura at Bombay’s on November 20.

Brothers Gow just released their 4th studio album called “Reflections” and is currently touring through the Western US states from Arizona and New Mexico to Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington and California.

Ventura Rocks:  We’re looking forward to the band’s return to Ventura later this month (November 20) at Bombay’s. For those who aren’t yet familiar with the band, describe your sound and what they can expect at one of your shows.

Kyle Merrill:  Thanks! We’re really excited to be returning to Ventura! As far as the band goes we play an eclectic fusion of rock, funk, jazz, and reggae. We love to make people dance! We have an energetic stage presence fueled by powerful vocal harmonies, complex arrangements, and ripping guitar solos. To top it all off we have an awe inspiring light show run by our very own Matt Collier AKA MC6.
Brothers GowVentura Rocks:  The band does pretty well touring. How often do you get out on the road?

Merrill:  We try to hit the road once every two months, but with our new partnership with Hoplite we hope to be on the road as much as possible!

Ventura Rocks:  Tell us about how you came to be a Hoplite Entertainment Artists and what does that mean for the band?

Merrill:  We have been searching for a booking agent for a long time now. A booking agency needs to see that you can sell tickets in your hometown, and that you’ve been touring and paying your dues on the touring circuit. It is very difficult to land a booking agency. In today’s music industry getting a booking agent is more important than a record contract. The money is in live shows and not in CD sales. We pride ourselves in our live shows and want to play for as many people as possible and Hoplite will help us make that happen!

Brothers Gow

Ventura Rocks:  We always love hearing how bands give back to the community. You guys started a non-profit called the Brothers Gow Music Foundation. What do you hope to accomplish with it?

Brothers GowMerrill:  With budget cuts in schools more and more arts and music programs are being cut. We feel that art and music are crucial for a child’s development. If we wouldn’t have had band and music classes in middle school and high school I don’t know if we would be doing what we are today, and following our passion. Even if kids aren’t going to pursue music and art as a career it still helps them learn valuable skills for the real world. We have donated 18 guitars and ukeleles to our local OB elementary school. We are in talks with the nation wide not for profit, Guitars in Classrooms, about donating guitars to them. Our goal is to take donations from the different cities we tour in, and donate guitars to schools in those cities.

Ventura Rocks:  How can people keep in contact with the band? What types of social media do you keep up with?

Merrill:  We stay very active with our Facebook and Instagram accounts. We also post a lot of videos to our youtube channel. Not just concert videos but funny videos and our own day in the life reality show, “Life of Gow”

Instagram Handle: Brothersgow
People can also check out our website,

Ventura Rocks:  Anything else you’d like Ventura to know?

Merrill:  If you come out to our show, you’re gonna have a good time! This is not just a group of guys playing music, it’s a performance with a full light show that will leave people feeling great!

Brothers Gow:
Alex Gow Bastine – Keyboards/Vocals
Ethan Wade – Guitar/Vocals
Kyle Merrill – Guitar/Trumpet/Vocals
Nathan Walsh-Haines – Drums/Vocals
Carson Church – Bass

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