What Happened on Facebook??

fb_icon_325x325At the end of March this year, we chose to migrate to a “Business” page as oppose to continue as a “Friend” page on Facebook for a couple reasons.

#1 It’s against the rules to have a business be listed as a “Friend” page. We knew our days could be numbered and we could get taken down, so we bit the bullet and converted our “Friends” to “Likes”.  To be a “Friend” page, you have to be listed as a person.

#2 The cap on “Friends” is 5,000. There is no cap on “Likes.” We had been keeping Friends at 4,999 so people could request to be friends (otherwise you’d get a notice saying we no longer accept friends). When people shut down their page, un-friended us, we un-friended them, or they got blacked-balled, we would add people who were in the queue. We had dozens in the queue at any given time. They’re all Likes now.

Unfortunately, Facebook only shows our posts to a very small minority of people who have Liked us. To increase your chances of having us show up in your news feed, hunt us down, make sure you had Liked us, then continue to click on posts, Like them and comment on them. This is our new page:


I know this works, because I was not receiving VenturaRocks Facebook posts on my personal Facebook page News Feed.  Drove me crazy!  I knew I was posting events, but I wasn’t seeing them on my personal page.  Then one day I personally went to https://www.facebook.com/venturarockswebsite from my personal page, and Liked a couple of posts and even wrote a comment and shared a few.  Lo and behold, they now show up more consistently!

So when you see I’ve Liked something, it is for this reason alone:  to ensure I get the posts on my News Feed!

I can reach more people if I pay for it, but that ain’t gonna happen anytime soon.  I might collaborate with venues or artists on doing that in the future though.

I hope this explains things and why our postings may have disappeared from your News Feed.


Of course if you’re not on Facebook, nevermind!

2 thoughts on “What Happened on Facebook??

  1. I just wanted to thank you for all you have been doing to keep the community updated on music/events in Ventura. Knowing what’s happening downtown gets me there more often.

    • Thanks Yolanda! It’s good to receive feedback that people are inspired to support our music scene and more importantly, have fun doing it!!

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