Polly Hoganson The MusicMuse

I am super excited to join Pam and VenturaRocks.com as a guest writer on a semi regular basis!  I hope to bring insight as a former music venue owner, music lover, indie advocate and longtime resident of Ventura County on the music and art scene of the place I hold dear.   I will write out loud about – “how to” ideas for the DIY Indie band/artist, shine a spotlight on up and coming musicians, bring exclusive interviews of stars in the music industry who make the 805 their home, cool new music and find answers to – Can Ventura really be the new Austin?

My goal is to continue to build our Ventura County music community and focus on how amazing we are.  I’d love to hear from musicians who either are from or play in the 805 along with promoters, and all you music fans!  Send us the happening news.  Message me at therealmusicjunkie1@gmail.com   Let’s do this!


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  1. Prolly, this is Patrick Reynolds, we worked together at Taft Telecom in Ventura and also at GTEL. I’ve been trying to find the old gang but have lost all contact. Say hello to Hogey for me and have him contact me through Facebook. I’m living in Oregon, have been here since 1993, would love to catch up with you guys. My number is 971-409-8411, hope to hear from you guys!

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