Do You Contribute to the Motion?

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Let’s make sure we all understand what it means to contribute to the motion.
First we will define what we mean by contribute. We’ll use the Random House Dictionary definition.

#1. CONTRIBUTE: verb (used with object), con•trib•ut•ed, con•trib•ut•ing.1. To give (money, time, knowledge, assistance, etc.) to a common supply, fund, etc., as for charitable purposes.

And then let’s define what we mean by motion. Merriam-Webster has a great definition.
#1. MOTION: noun 1. an active or functioning state or condition. (set the divorce proceedings in motion)

So now let’s be specific about what kind of motion. With, we focus on Ventura’s music scene; so the motion would be any activity having to do with this subject’s state of existence (our music scene).

1. Create music
2. Play music for others to hear
3. Record music
4. Collaborate with other artists on projects
5. Go out on tour
6. Create videos
7. Promote music

1. Create an environment for people to enjoy music
2. Create music related events
3. Participate in music related events (Ventura Music Week, Fundraisers, etc…)
4. Promote music in their venues (social media, print advertising, radio, etc…)

THE MUSIC APPRECIATOR (or hereafter known as a fan)
1. Goes to venue to hear music
2. Pays entry fee for venue (cover charge or prepaid concert tickets)
3. Buys beverage/food at venue to support their efforts
4. Buys merchandise from artists (CDs, t-shirts, etc…)
5. Tells others about music event
6. Brings others to music events
7. Take photos and share them (websites, social media)
8. Come up with a bright idea to help the music scene like creating a website called

That’s how got started. I know we’re contributing to the motion, but we want you to know that you are too. Can you help more? Do we want a better scene? Every single time someone goes to a venue, or buys a CD, or shares a photo, this all contributes to the motion and keeps our music scene alive. And while we’re at it, every time you LIKE a photo having to do with music on Facebook, or you share it, or comment, that too contributes to the motion. You are furthering the motion. You are doing something to help!

With our talented artists who continue to create new music, and our many venues who appreciate live music and us audience members supporting it, collectively we contribute to the motion and together we make Ventura Rock.

Good Job!

Ventura Rocks

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    • They don’t appear to have a website. So I would contact the Watermark, the last place you saw them.
      Good luck!

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