Album Review: Dan Grimm

Average Savage
by Pam Baumgardner

Average SavageI’ve gotten to know Dan Grimm the past couple of years and have had several conversations with him, the last one with him explaining how “Ventucky” is not a derogatory term…at least not to him.  He loves this town; there is no doubt about that.

With his latest release Average Savage, Dan continues to grow as a songwriter.  His songs tell stories of love, drama, struggle, some of which are quite personal. I’ll be up front and honest, there is nothing sexier than a man who isn’t afraid to show his love for his woman and profess he’ll eat monsters for her.

Baby don’t you worry
Cuz I eat monsters for you
Sweet tasty monsters just for you

That’s just freakin’ awesome!

I love grabbing an ice cold beer at the end of the day, sitting down and putting my feet up while relaxing to Dan Grimm, because I know before long I will feel at ease with any residual stress from the day will just fade away with each song.  By the time I get to “Mirror” I’m relaxed and I’ve finally arrived home mentally, leaving the day behind.

And as much as love relaxing to Dan’s music, I always try to catch his shows live because Dan always surrounds himself with nothing but the best local talent around.  It’s not long before the audience as a whole finds the groove and starts dancing to tunes such as the title track,  “Even Good Love” or “Seven Up.”

Dan Grimm bandDan describes his sound as “flip-floppytonk” or “rock ‘n’ roll with a little bit of country” and I can’t disagree.  I loved learning the lyrics and anticipating the slide guitar or vocal harmonies.  The album was well produced with a mix of guitar sounds between acoustic, steel and electric (loved that slide guitar work from Neal Casal and vocals from Jaime Wyatt).

Even Good Love Hurts
Wha’d you think it would be easy 
It aint trouble all the time 
You could try harder to please me 
I don’t read minds and pantomime

Sweet Relief
Try to tell a man he’s got no integrity
Even if he’s evil and all he tells is lies lies lies
and I don’t think there is any remedy
Maybe it’s best if you cut your ties

Dan Grimm Band






Average Savage was produced by Jesse Siebenberg at Brotheryn Studios in Ojai, CA.  All songs written by Dan Grimm except “Even Good Love Hurts” (Dan Grimm & Jaime Wyatt), “Change is Blowing Bitter” (Dan Grimm & Jesse Siebenberg), & “Mirror” (Dan Grimm & Jesse Siebenberg).


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