Ventura Music Photos: March 2016

Plan B Winery – March 26, 2016
Kelly’s Lot

Kelly's Lot

Majestic Ventura Theater – March 10, 2016
Darren Block (opening for Uli Jon Roth) – photo credit: Sarah Gigliotti.
Darren Block

2 thoughts on “Ventura Music Photos: March 2016

  1. Great songwriter. I saw him and Train River at Bombay. Really worth checking out. Do you know where he’s playing next ?

    • I was completely blown away that this guy was not only here in Ventura but wasn’t a huge star. An amazing singer/songwriter- among the elite. I’m a child of the sixties and have been a fan of Dylan, Neil Young, Jackson Browne and decades of others. Darren Block is in that elite class of genius artists that will go down in history. I’m gushing but God dang. Really?!

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