Ventura County Music Awards

The practice of pitting bands against one another is not a new idea.  For as long as I can remember there have been talent shows and award shows.  Giving honors to artistic merit (subjective on so many levels) or a popularity contest (where the most votes win), are both valid concepts. Professional artists can further their careers economically when they win a Grammy, and amateur and Indie artists have a chance at gaining momentum and mainstream popularity by showcasing their talent and hoping for the top prize.  Fans eat up American Idol and The Voice, and even The Warped Tour offers up a local battle of the bands whereby the band with the most votes gets to play when the tour comes to their town.

I wouldn’t even call it a necessary evil.  It is what it is.

This year, VC Buzz Magazine is trying its hand at introducing The Ventura County Music Awards and from what I understand, it’s by popular vote.

As stated on their official website

The Ventura County Music Awards are a premier annual music event, honoring the best and brightest in local talent. Our goal is to provide a platform for local artists to gain recognition and exposure in one of the nation’s most talented music scenes. This must-see music event features live performances by national and local artists as well as celebrity presenters.

The selection process is described as the following:

Prior to the awards, local artists have 6 months to be nominated in one of the 23 music award categories. Our Showcase series starts in June with live shows at local venues where the top artists in each category get to perform with live voting after the show. Winners will be chosen through online popular vote and will be awarded at the VC Music Awards ceremony on November 9th.

So then, this is a popularity contest whereby the bands and artists have to rally their friends, family, acquaintances to go online and vote and show up at a showcase, which some cost to get in.

I like VC Buzz, Buzz Radio and all their ventures.  I don’t see as a competitor at all.  All our efforts have been solely voluntary to date, and we have yet to make a dime. We are hoping to change that before long, but we don’t begrudge VC Buzz from making a living. We applaud their efforts to promote the music scene throughout Ventura County, just like we support Kat’s efforts with Totally Local VC.

I’m a bit ambivalent when it comes to the Ventura County Music Awards though.  On one hand, the artists get a chance to showcase their talents…always a good thing.  But on the other hand, they have to rally up the troops to get out and vote…and we just can not take sides.  I get a bit sad that we’re pitting our local artists against each other.  I guess it’s just the softy in me, my motherly instincts coming to the surface to protect my offspring.  I know, I know, “Man Up.”

We will continue help to promote the showcases & final Music Awards Show by listing them on our official website.  But, VenturaRocks will not be showing favoritism, and it’s with a heavy heart that we have to ignore requests for us to vote for our Artist and Band friends.

But know this.  We are here to support you guys…whether you win or not. Whether we think you suck or not! As long as we continue to create, you will always have a free place to promote your gigs here in the City of Ventura, because without you, Ventura would not Rock!!!

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