Little Steven & The Disciples of Soul

Ventura Theater, September 9, 2019
Photos: Seth Brandes

Stevie Van Zandt brought his high energy soul review to the Ventura Theatre on Monday, Sept 9.  Stevie, perhaps best know as Bruce Springsteen’s partner in the E Street Band, also programs 2 radio channels on SiriusXM, manages his Wicked Cool record label, and, oh yeah, he acts (Silvio on the Sopranos)   From the opening moments of the colorful on-stage parade, Stevie & company rocked the house non-stop with musical energy and witty repartee spread over 2+1/2 hours.  His current band has 5 horn players, 3 dancing backup singers, 2 keyboard players along with guitars, congas, bass and drums pumping out soul grooves that dug back to the 60s and 70s.  The band was tight, the baby boomer crowd loved the tunes which were mostly originals, and by the last hour they had all risen to the joyous beat of that sweet soul music.  Here are a few pictures from the show:

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