Album Review: Bloody Mary Morning

That Girl
Review by Pam Baumgardner

That GirlThis band has been around for many years packing in the joints they played, but then in the late 90’s tragedy struck when drummer Ephraim Ashton died in a car accident.  Soon after, members tried out different versions of BMM, they started up or joined different bands (Big Dictator,  Dave Rea, Dr. M, Loudmouth Soup, The Pits…) and of course they’ve worked on their day jobs and raising their perspective families.  Three years ago BMM reunited for a show at Bombay’s, they were writing music again, and this time they were just in it for the fun and again, they’re finding Ventura supporting them.

The thing about Bloody Mary Morning is that they write solid songs that engage you right off the get-go.  They’re fun, catchy, energetic and memorable…pretty much like their live shows.  I love that the band didn’t overproduce their songs making them sound sterile or lifeless.  There’s an edge, it’s a tad rough with the vocals push it making the LP sound just a tad punk for the rock genre that is Bloody Mary Morning.

The guys in the band are about as nice and talented as you’ll find here in Ventura.  They are what is right about Ventura’s music scene.  These guys rock and the new CD does as well.  Pick it up, you won’t be disappointed.

Here now a sample of some of my favorite tracks:


That Girl:


And just a side note:  I’ll admit the cover artwork reminded of something I couldn’t quite but my finger on.  But then it hit me like a ton of bricks.  HA!  Ingenious!!

Bloody Mary Morning – That Girl
Found in VERY VENTURA on California Street, Downtown Ventura.

Kelly Turner – Bass
Chad Turner – Vocals
Ryan Denger – Guitar
Ray Stoynoff – Drums

All songs were written by Bloody Mary Morning and recorded at Brotheryn Studios by Jason Mariani.  Jessie Siebenberg, Dave Rea and John Young contributed as well.

Sounds like:  Foo Fighters, Wilco, Weezer, Kings of Leon, Eagles.
Sources:  Bill Locey article in the VC Star; liner notes, official website.
Bloody Mary Morning Bloody Mary Morning

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