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Ventura Rocks' listing of restaurants and venues in Ventura, CA, is not a review or recommendation, but rather a guide for what is out there for you to check out for yourself.
If you find that we've left off a venue which provides some sort of music entertainment, contact us and let us know!
This is your resource.

We're not biased one way or another. From punk to jazz; live bands to karaoke or DJs; high-end dining to dive bars, we're all things music for Ventura.

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On behalf of Totally Local VC and myself we want to wish you a Happy 4th Anniversary and to thank you for all your support of Ventura's local music scene. Keep Rockin' it ladies!
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Anyone who lives in Ventura County or spends any time here should follow the Ventura Rocks-Website; we are blessed with some amazing musical talent here, from the "Ones To Watch" series and folks as well-known as Grant-Lee Phillips and Nathan McEuen (just to mention two) at Zoeyscafe Ventura, to internationally-known acts at the Majestic Ventura Theatre and the Ventura Hillsides concerts. You will find the other 99% I left out at Ventura Rocks.
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546 E. Main Street
(805) 874-2232

Beach House Tacos

On the Pier
(805) 648-3177

Bell Arts Factory
432 N. Ventura Avenue
(805) 643-1960
Billy O's
2819 E. Main Street
(805) 652-0327
    Bombay Bar and Grill
143 S. California Street
(805) 643-4404
    Cafe Fiore & Tree House Lounge
66 S. California Street
    The Cave
4435 McGrath Street #301
    Dargan's Irish Pub & Restaurant
593 Main Street

  Discovery Ventura
1888 E. Thompson Blvd
(805) 452-4967 
    El Rey Cantina
294 E Main Street
(805) 653-1111
    E.P. Foster Library - Topping Room
651 East Main Street
(805) 648-2716
    Four Brix Winery & Tasting Room
2290 Eastman Ave - Ste 109
(805) 256-6006
281 W. Main Street
(805) 585-8410  
    The Garage
1091 Scandia Avenue
(805) 647-9681
    Gigi's Cocktail Lounge
2493 Grand Avenue
(805) 642-2411
    Golden China Restaurant
760 S. Seaward
(805) 652-1188
    Gone West Cellars
5963 Olivas Park Drive #A
(805) 206-7651
    The Greek at the Harbor
1583 Spinnaker Dr #101
(805) 650-5350
    Green Art People (Boho Alley)
140B Ventura Avenue
(805) 729-2361
    Hong Kong Inn
435 Thompson Blvd
(805) 648-3161
    The House of Magic
5353 Walker Street
(805) 229-1435
Island Packer's Dinner Cruise
1691 Spinnaker Drive #105B
(805) 642-1393
    Keynote Lounge
10245 E Telephone Road
(805) 647-9390
607 E. Main Street
(805) 585-2238
    Majestic Ventura Theater
26 S. Chestnut Street
(805) 653-0721
Margarita Villa
1567 Spinnaker Drive
(805) 654-7906
    Montalvo Square
Shopping Center
@ Fountain
1746. S. Victoria Avenue
    The Old Livery Theater
34 N. Palm Street
O'Leary's Side Bar
6555 Telephone Road
(805) 6
    Olivas Adobe
"Music Under the Stars"
4200 Olivas Park Drive
(805) 658-4726
    Pacific View Mall
1644 E. Thompson Blvd
(805) 641-1500
2 W. Main Street
(805) 652-1072

185 E. Santa Clara Street
(805) 667-9062
    Paradise Pantry
222 E. Main Street
(805) 641-9440
    Peirano's Restaurant
204 E Main Street
(805) 648-4853  -
    Pete's Breakfast House
2055 E. Main Street
(805) 648-1130
    Pierpont Inn
550 Sanjon Road
(805) 653-6144  

  Plan B Wine Cellars
3520 Arundell Circle Unit 107
(805) 233-1453
    Players Casino  - The Patio
6580 Auto Center Drive
(805)  643-1392
    Poinsettia Pavillion
3451 Foothill Road
(805) 648-1143
    Prime Steakhouse & Winebar
2209 E. Thompson Blvd
(805) 652-1055
  Red Cove   Red Cove
1809 E. Main Street
(805) 643-1101
    The Rhumb Line
1510 Anchor's Way Drive
(805) 642-1200
    Rookees Sports Bar
419 E. Main Street
(805) 648-6862

  Saloon BBQ Co.
456 E. Main Street
(805) 667-8550
  Salzers   Salzer's Records
5777 Valentine Road
(805) 639-2160
    Sandbox Coffeehouse
204 E. Thompson Blvd.
(805) 641-1025
The Sans Souci

21 S. Chestnut Street
(805) 643-4539

  Shanghai Beer Garden
34 N. Palm
(805) 667-8118
    Social Tap
1105 S. Seaward Avenue
(805) 667-8485
    Squashed Grapes
2351 E. Main Street

(805) 643-7300
Star Lounge

343 E. Main Street
(805) 648-4709
    Surf Brewery
4561 Market Street Suite A
(805) 644-2739
    The Tavern
211 E Santa Clara
(805) 643-3264
    Unitarian Universalist Church
5654 Ralston Street
(805) 644-3898

    Ventura College
Performing Arts Center

4700 Loma Vista Road

    Ventura Fairgrounds
10 W. Harbor Blvd
    Ventura Harbor & Carousel Stage
Ventura Harbor
(805) 642-8538
    Ventura High School
2155 E. Main Street
    Ventura Missionary Church
500 High Point Drive
(805) 642-0550
598 E. Main Street
(805) 643-6800
175 S. Ventura Avenue
    W Gallery
Historic Erle Stanley
Gardner Bldg
21 S. California Street
    The Wine Rack
14 S. California Street
(805) 653-9463
    The Winery
4517 Market Street
(805) 654-1577
Corner of Garden and Main Streets
(805) 652-0338 
    The 805 Bar
1575 Spinnaker Drive
(805) 642-9463

September 29, 2013
(Week at a Glance)

546 E. Main Street
(805) 874-2232
6:00 pm
Karen Eden
8:30 pm
Joey's Blues Jam

Billy O's
2819 E. Main Street
(805) 652-0327
Motown Mondays

Gigi's Cocktail Lounge
2493 Grand Avenue
(805) 642-2411
Jam Night with
Maggie's Drawer

Golden China Restaurant
760 S. Seaward
(805) 652-1188

The Sans Souci
21 S. Chestnut Street
(805) 643-4539


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