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Music in Ventura

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Welcome to! We're proud to be Ventura's most exclusive and dynamic online music entertainment guide. Be it live or Memorex, you'll find all things music for this amazing town featuring incredible artists and musicians. We list everything from Karaoke joints to punk shows, from down and dirty blues to some of the finest jazz around.
Here's the deal. We want to make this tow
n the next Austin or Seattle. We have so much talent and an abundance of venues to see them in. It really isn't that far-fetched. All we really needed was a one-stop reference to see what's what. We have also vowed to never charge the artists and to never charge the venues to be listed on our website.
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Current: SV Cajun & Blues Fest, Vta Fair Music Schedule, Music Under the Stars and more...
5/10 - 5/23: Surf 'n' Suds, "Music for a Changing Times', Rising Stars, RSR, and quick notes...
4/26 - 5/9: Adam Lasher returns to Vta, Ojai Bluesfest, Winchesters Anniversary, The Rouse & more..
3/29 - 4/25: Jazz updates, new Hot Roux, Travis Greer TV gig, RSR is coming and more...

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May 2017

Jodi Farrell, Birdbrain, Bernie Larsen,
The Pullmen, more...

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Photos of Music in Ventura
April 2017

Chris Robinson Brotherhood, Chi McClean, Tropidelic, Strange Weather
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Photos of Music in Ventura
March 2017

Social Distortion, 50 Sticks of Dynamite, Doug Webb with Danny Carey
Interview with Eric Rachmany
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"Falling Into Place"
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Danny Carey of TOOL w/ the Doug Web Group; Casey Abrams, Colbie Collait and full length episodes of
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The Hong Kong Inn
Tribal Seeds - 4/22
Tiger Army - 4/23
Super Duper Kyle - 4/29
Panteon Rococo - 5/5
Jurassic 5 - 5/25
Yngwie Malmsteen - 6/4
Phora - 6/20
Lao Tizer Trio - 4/28
Barrelhouse Wailers - 4/29
Gergo Borlai - 5/13
Louis Menuoz - 5/19
Kevin Crabb - 5/20
Mya Burns - 5/25
Charged Particles- 5/27
Billy Vera & the Beaters - 5/26
Pockets feat. Tata Vega - 6/2
Teresa James & the Rhythm Tramps - 6/9
John Nemeth - 6/16
James Harman - 7/21
Mitch Kasmar - 8/11
Hollywood U2 - 4/29
Face to Face - 5/7
Shaky Feelin - 5/12
Masters of Puppet - 5/13
No Duh - 5/19
Metalachi - 6/16
Black Seeds - 6/21


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May 28
, 2017
(click for Week at a Glance)

Amigo's Surf Cantina
546 E. Main Street
(805) 874-2232

5 pm
Action Down
9 pm

Cafe Fiore &
Tree House Lounge

66 S. California Street
 6-10:30 pm
Babylon Rockers

Cask Alehouse
5952 Telegraph Road
(805) 765-4201
4 pm
Roger Keiaho

The Copa Cubana
Ventura Harbor
3-6 pm
Laura Cozzi
Soul Machine

Golden China Restaurant
760 S. Seaward
(805) 652-1188
9 pm

Grapes and Hops
454 E. Main Street
(805) 616-2375
3-6 pm
Jerry Briener

Keynote Lounge
10245 E Telephone Road
(805) 647-9390
 8:30 pm

Made West Brewery
1744 Donlon Street
Erisy Watt

Margarita Villa
1567 Spinnaker Drive
(805) 654-7906
4 pm
James Bros

Sandbox Coffeehouse
204 E. Thompson Blvd.
(805) 641-1025
A-Mac D2

The Sans Souci
21 S. Chestnut Street
(805) 643-4539
DJ Darko

Star Lounge
343 E. Main Street
(805) 648-4709
3-6 pm
The Bomb

The Tavern
211 E Santa Clara
(805) 643-3264
 10 pm
Steezy Steve

The Wine Rack
14 S. California Street
(805) 653-9463
KLT Guitarz

The 805 Bar
1575 Spinnaker Drive
(805) 642-9463
Kenny DeVoe
Acoustic Rock & Roll